About Us

Conveying respect, showing efficacy and goals.

We are a company constituted of experts with over 38 years of experience performing management, coordination of business intermediation for import and export of food among companies.

We work coordinating and making the management of business of buying and selling food among exporters and importers around the world.

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How we Operate

Concern for Quality Control and Sales Management.

We understand that interventions to do business with food should be deemed a moral, issue rather than as a commercial matter.
We recommend, encourage and influence exporters and importers to market their products among them under pre-established standards of quality and sanitation, favoring and normalizing the negotiation among the parties and as a corollary enabling the delivery of high quality food products to final consumers.

Services and Actions

We carry out the management and coordination of sales of the products offered by the exporter. We complete sales within the parameters established during the negotiation. In selling prices achieved our fees are included, which are retained by the paying bank when payments are made by the importer.

Through our extensive network of relationships and contacts with official and private organizations, we are constantly informed about the status and crop forecasting, inventory and offers, demands and exportable balances in different countries that make up the market, allowing us to know and inform the exporters and importers about the current market and forecasts in the short and medium term.

We have full commercial and financial information of all our customers, exporters and importers updated periodically through confidential reports of credit control and business behaviour institutions, bank reports, references of local companies in each country and of exporters relating to importers, reports coming from international agencies specialized in commercial and export credit insurance information – providing this information to exporters and importers at no cost.

We inform exporters about the necessary export documentation and how to prepare it: Pro-forma invoices, model of commercial invoices, tags and labels for packaging – agreeing with the requirements of each country of destination.

We have specific contracts for food preparation with customer’s brands, improving year by year, allowing to preserve and protect the mutual interests of manufacturers exporters and buyers importers. It is based on contracts our experience of over 15 years in the specific area of food business with own brand of our customers. These contracts are used by exporters and importers under our coordination, at no cost. Additionally, we have a technical team to design brands to importing customers, preparing layouts and digital files that we send to exporters for printing. We inform exporters in detail the characteristics and measures of packaging and mandatory texts, according to regulations in force in each country of destination.

We arbitrate and define responsibilities of the parties for settlement of disputes with fairness and efficiency to solve problems or interpretations derived from business done.

Our Differential

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We carry out the management and coordination of the sale of products offered by the exporter. We completed sales within established parameters during the negotiation. Our selling prices are included in our fees which, through payments made by the importer are retained by the paying bank.
Our secret is the operational process that ensures quality and our schedule of procedures and actions on sales.

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